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Sat @ Castlefest - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sat @ Castlefest [Aug. 20th, 2014|06:23 pm]
Saturday 2 August: Castlefest

Bands wise it Coppelius and Corvus Corvax did fantastic show, a discovery was Wardruna and caught bits of Cesair, Asynje and Faun (who sadly clashed with Coppelius) . The wickerman owl got burned and saw a fun show at the House of Wax....also it was my new unicorn first outing :)
 photo IMG_2788.jpg

 photo IMG_2776.jpg

 photo IMG_2778.jpg

 photo IMG_2779.jpg

 photo IMG_2780.jpg

 photo IMG_2784.jpg

 photo IMG_2786.jpg

 photo IMG_2791.jpg

 photo IMG_2793.jpg

 photo IMG_2794.jpg

 photo IMG_2797.jpg

 photo IMG_2798.jpg
 photo IMG_2800.jpg
 photo IMG_2802.jpg

 photo IMG_2803.jpg
 photo IMG_2805.jpg
 photo IMG_2806.jpg
 photo IMG_2809.jpg
 photo IMG_2811.jpg
 photo IMG_2812.jpg
 photo IMG_2813.jpg
 photo IMG_2814.jpg
 photo IMG_2815.jpg
 photo IMG_2816.jpg
 photo IMG_2818.jpg
 photo IMG_2819.jpg
 photo IMG_2820.jpg
 photo IMG_2822.jpg
 photo IMG_2823.jpg
 photo IMG_2824.jpg
 photo IMG_2826.jpg
 photo IMG_2828.jpg
 photo IMG_2829.jpg
 photo IMG_2830.jpg
 photo IMG_2831.jpg
 photo IMG_2837.jpg
 photo IMG_2839.jpg
 photo IMG_2840.jpg
 photo IMG_2841.jpg
 photo IMG_2847.jpg
 photo IMG_2848.jpg
 photo IMG_2851.jpg
 photo IMG_2852.jpg
 photo IMG_2853.jpg
 photo IMG_2857.jpg
 photo IMG_2860.jpg
 photo IMG_2862.jpg
 photo IMG_2864.jpg
 photo IMG_2865.jpg
 photo IMG_2867.jpg
 photo IMG_2869.jpg
 photo IMG_2872.jpg
 photo IMG_2875.jpg
 photo IMG_2876.jpg
 photo IMG_2877.jpg
 photo IMG_2878.jpg
 photo IMG_2880.jpg
 photo IMG_2881.jpg
 photo IMG_2882.jpg
house of wax show
 photo IMG_2885.jpg
 photo IMG_2887.jpg
 photo IMG_2892.jpg
 photo IMG_2898.jpg
 photo IMG_2900.jpg
 photo IMG_2903.jpg

the mighty corvus corvax
 photo IMG_2906.jpg
 photo IMG_2909.jpg
 photo IMG_2910.jpg
 photo IMG_2911.jpg
 photo IMG_2913.jpg
 photo IMG_2914.jpg
 photo IMG_2922.jpg
 photo IMG_2924.jpg
 photo IMG_2928.jpg
 photo IMG_2935.jpg

with Rosa Crux
 photo IMG_2936.jpg
 photo IMG_2937.jpg
 photo IMG_2938.jpg
 photo IMG_2939.jpg

burning of wickerman
 photo IMG_2940.jpg
 photo IMG_2941.jpg
 photo IMG_2944.jpg
 photo IMG_2946.jpg

 photo IMG_2950.jpg

 photo IMG_2971.jpg
 photo IMG_2972.jpg
 photo IMG_2980.jpg
 photo IMG_2981.jpg
 photo IMG_2992.jpg
 photo IMG_2995.jpg
 photo IMG_2998.jpg
 photo IMG_3000.jpg
 photo IMG_3001.jpg
 photo IMG_3009.jpg