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Friday @ Castlefest - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Friday @ Castlefest [Aug. 20th, 2014|06:20 pm]

Friday 1 st August : Castlefest
The main reason we decided to return to Holland and this year was the special 10th year anniversary.

Saw lots of fantastic bands including Folk Noir, Euzen, Ball Noir, Scrum and Rosa+Crux. Despite sound issue Rosa+Crux is one of those bands I still completely amazed by each time I see them.
Alongside all the fun that is castlefest with its goths, neo pagans, cosplayers , LARPers, reenactors, big dresses and more and all the fab stalls and entertainment. Winged creatures, green trolls and steampunk automaton :)

 photo IMG_2594.jpg

 photo IMG_2556.jpg

my first curly roll attempt to the baron :)

 photo IMG_2554.jpg

 photo IMG_2555.jpg

 photo IMG_2557.jpg

 photo IMG_2561.jpg

 photo IMG_2562.jpg

 photo IMG_2564.jpg

 photo IMG_2566.jpg
games everywhere :)
 photo IMG_2568.jpg
 photo IMG_2571.jpg

 photo IMG_2575.jpg
4 stages in all the one in medieval re-enactor village
 photo IMG_2577.jpg

another stage

 photo IMG_2578.jpg

 photo IMG_2579.jpg

 photo IMG_2581.jpg
various art around the ground
 photo IMG_2582.jpg

 photo IMG_2583.jpg

 photo IMG_2584.jpg

 photo IMG_2585.jpg

 photo IMG_2587.jpg

 photo IMG_2589.jpg

 photo IMG_2590.jpg

 photo IMG_2591.jpg

 photo IMG_2592.jpg

 photo IMG_2597.jpg

 photo IMG_2599.jpg

 photo IMG_2602.jpg

 photo IMG_2603.jpg

 photo IMG_2605.jpg
full of wonderful artworks
 photo IMG_2606.jpg

 photo IMG_2607.jpg

 photo IMG_2608.jpg

 photo IMG_2609.jpg

 photo IMG_2610.jpg

 photo IMG_2611.jpg

 photo IMG_2612.jpg

 photo IMG_2613.jpg

 photo IMG_2615.jpg

 photo IMG_2616.jpg

 photo IMG_2617.jpg

 photo IMG_2618.jpg

 photo IMG_2620.jpg

 photo IMG_2625.jpg
the wicker owl to be burned
 photo IMG_2627.jpg
Folk noir (faun in english )
 photo IMG_2630.jpg

 photo IMG_2631.jpg

 photo IMG_2634.jpg

 photo IMG_2635.jpg

 photo IMG_2638.jpg

 photo IMG_2639.jpg

Ball noir (doom metal meet folk dancing)
 photo IMG_2640.jpg

 photo IMG_2646.jpg

 photo IMG_2648.jpg

 photo IMG_2650.jpg
 photo IMG_2652.jpg

 photo IMG_2653.jpg

 photo IMG_2654.jpg

 photo IMG_2655.jpg

 photo IMG_2656.jpg

 photo IMG_2657.jpg

 photo IMG_2659.jpg

 photo IMG_2660.jpg

 photo IMG_2661.jpg

 photo IMG_2663.jpg
Euzen ..she was fab again
 photo IMG_2669.jpg
the absinth bar
 photo IMG_2670.jpg

 photo IMG_2672.jpg

 photo IMG_2673.jpg

 photo IMG_2674.jpg
wicker man offering procession
 photo IMG_2679.jpg

 photo IMG_2681.jpg

 photo IMG_2682.jpg

 photo IMG_2685.jpg

 photo IMG_2686.jpg
with green bread
 photo IMG_2688.jpg

 photo IMG_2690.jpg

 photo IMG_2692.jpg

 photo IMG_2693.jpg

 photo IMG_2694.jpg

 photo IMG_2696.jpg

 photo IMG_2698.jpg
 photo IMG_2700.jpg

 photo IMG_2701.jpg
larping village entry
 photo IMG_2702.jpg

 photo IMG_2707.jpg

 photo IMG_2714.jpg
Rosa Crux
 photo IMG_2722.jpg

 photo IMG_2724.jpg

 photo IMG_2742.jpg

 photo IMG_2743.jpg

 photo IMG_2745.jpg

 photo IMG_2747.jpg

 photo IMG_2751.jpg

 photo IMG_2755.jpg

 photo IMG_2757.jpg

 photo IMG_2764.jpg

 photo IMG_2767.jpg

 photo IMG_2771.jpg

 photo IMG_2774.jpg