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Garden [Jul. 23rd, 2014|12:43 pm]
Unusual weekend as I decided not to go re-enacting with Simon and to have a much needed weekend at home catching up with various stuff...at least my last outfit for castlefest is done, catch up with Georgie Robinson who came over for dinner, caught up with Audrey オードリー on skype, finally made the curtains for dressing room and another zillions little jobs.--

Garden slowly taking shape , i just had my first chili popping out and i guess starting to attract wildlife unfortunately of the wasp kind and got stung on saturday. Always on lookout for Morrison £1 plants to slowly fill it up and slowly inhabit them with my frogs, ceramics, toys ..
 photo 10557401_10152141801286548_903877149302135221_n.jpg

 photo 9268_10152141801506548_5934568008949172670_n.jpg

 photo 1497781_10152141801841548_2259092155858468415_n.jpg

 photo 1907724_10152141801556548_2047917539506021694_n.jpg

 photo 1940023_10152141801316548_4744111517748850638_n.jpg

 photo 10269563_10152141801541548_7806578606001965277_n.jpg

 photo 10400872_10152141801276548_8936638956021478237_n.jpg

 photo 10409158_10152141801261548_8657479692228998897_n.jpg

 photo 10410920_10152141801341548_6527557592609026339_n.jpg

 photo 10464318_10152141801626548_8940206595621707072_n.jpg

 photo 10513448_10152141801476548_33271491668406847_n.jpg

 photo 10514592_10152141801426548_5841078934253040972_n.jpg

 photo 10514755_10152141801246548_1194753499649290737_n.jpg

 photo 10525607_10152141801751548_3190314532734606616_n.jpg

 photo 10525694_10152141801601548_745964623489195900_n.jpg

 photo 10547574_10152141801611548_2584735846581882460_n.jpg

 photo 10550819_10152141801801548_846164702811245613_n.jpg

old bedhead new usage
 photo 10556354_10152141806436548_5698171468913927441_n.jpg

 photo 10556427_10152141801306548_4887270871958006922_n.jpg

 photo 10559830_10152141801291548_8080258841244658449_n.jpg
MM also there well his head and feet :)
 photo 10559890_10152141806456548_5903272613320554601_n.jpg
new troth made to house strawberries
 photo 10563184_10152141801301548_830733505027113705_n.jpg

 photo 10570335_10152141801281548_4642378761567103334_n.jpg

 photo 10570479_10152141801551548_1725830543432381837_n.jpg

 photo 10570488_10152141801646548_196468277958249008_n.jpg


[User Picture]From: motodraconis
2014-07-24 09:15 pm (UTC)
I must say, the empty picture frames are genius!
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[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2014-07-25 07:34 am (UTC)
the glass was broken so photos didn't want to stay in so found a new use for them ...as simon said after i put them looks like an extension from inside the house :)
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