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Colchester Military tournament - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Colchester Military tournament [Jul. 10th, 2014|06:05 pm]

Sunday 6th July

On Sunday we joined the 44th to Colchester Military tournament, a cross between multiperiod , army recruitment booths and a fair. There was lots of bagpipes, lots of shooting games, funfair, little children in red jacket doing crazy stuffs on bikes, romans, tanks and the Napoleonic mini battle involved a wall exploding and simon waving his flag above fort and some red parachutists falling from a sky .
 photo test138.jpg

 photo test137.jpg

 photo test140.jpg
 photo test141.jpg
 photo test142.jpg
 photo test145.jpg
 photo test147.jpg
 photo test148.jpg
 photo test150.jpg
 photo test151.jpg
 photo test152.jpg
 photo test153.jpg
 photo test155.jpg
 photo test161.jpg
 photo test162.jpg
one wall explosion
 photo test167.jpg
 photo test168.jpg
simon waving his flag
 photo test170.jpg
 photo test172.jpg

tiny motorbike
 photo test179.jpg
 photo test182.jpg
 photo test185.jpg
 photo test189.jpg
 photo test192.jpg
 photo test193.jpg
 photo test195.jpg
 photo test199.jpg
mint, strawberry and chili for the garden :)
 photo test203.jpg
 photo test204.jpg
 photo test205.jpg
 photo test207.jpg
 photo test213.jpg