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Kensal Green cemetery open day - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Kensal Green cemetery open day [Jul. 10th, 2014|05:58 pm]

Saturday 5th July
Lovely afternoon in Kensal Green cemetery but it is such a shame they moved the open day to the Dissenter chapel, the event lost a lot of it charm as a result . A lot less hearses on display too , the event seem to get smaller each year . At least it was mostly good weather.

One cool addition to this year open house was in the catacomb underneath the dissenter chapel, some art installation where you looked in one mirroir and reflected into another and on the wall...
The rebels that we are we still went to our usual spot for a picnic in the nice Anglican Chapel section but was it was odd being empty.
For once not followed by pub as most of us had parties or just being very tired..and a very early start the next day so collapse to bed
by 9pm...
 photo unnamed.jpg photo 10351758_10152115116041548_1084102169622682031_n.jpg

 photo test079.jpg
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 photo test089.jpg
colours :)
 photo test091.jpg

 photo test092.jpg

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 photo test122.jpg
picnic time :)
 photo test124.jpg
 photo test125.jpg
 photo test126.jpg

 photo test129.jpg

 photo test132.jpg