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The Oxford and Cambridge Club [Jul. 10th, 2014|12:22 pm]

Friday 4th July
The Oxford and Cambridge Club, thanks to Laura being a member on Friday night we were lucky enough to see this wonderful club in Pall Mall and we even got a little private tour of all the wonderful rooms. Corridors lined with books, chaise long in the ladies, gold and chandeliers, billiard room , gorgeous old fashion library rooms with secret doors , gaming table, service bells and roaring fire (well in winter), even a wonderful balcony to sip your drink and a super cheap bar but although men musk keep their jacket and tie at all time.


 photo test057.jpg
billard room

 photo test035.jpg
 photo test038.jpg
 photo test039.jpg

ladies loos!!!
 photo test041.jpg
 photo test042.jpg
 photo test043.jpg
just prettiness everywhere
 photo test046.jpg
 photo test047.jpg
 photo test048.jpg
 photo test049.jpg
on our way to library
 photo test050.jpg
 photo test051.jpg
oh yes
 photo test053.jpg
 photo test054.jpg
 photo test056.jpg
had to be done

 photo test059.jpg
 photo test061.jpg
 photo test062.jpg

library with game tables :)
 photo test063.jpg
map room
 photo test064.jpg
 photo test065.jpg
dinner time
 photo test067.jpg

just more rooms
 photo test069.jpg
 photo test070.jpg
 photo test071.jpg
quiet library well until we walked in :)
 photo test072.jpg
 photo test073.jpg
 photo test078.jpg