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Serpentine [Jul. 4th, 2014|02:02 pm]
Thursday 3 July

Been quite a busy week back at work ...
Manual handling and lifting training that morning...how exciting!!!...last time i did it was 8-9 years ago so i guess needs refreshing...still dragging Nadia and Kat along so we had "fun" not passing each other boxes of paper rim and a bin...but the correct way :)
As it was such a lovely sunny day,  i left  work early to join aly to  have a swim in the Serpentine Lido
 i had also just received a new swimming costume with day of the dead kitty cats , so it had to be christened
..the water was glorious warmest yet this year...shame they close so early (6pm) ...but the 2 hours hot tube travel there and back was worth the 1 hour in the water.