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Saturday at FaeryFest: Solstice, swim, abisnth candyfloss, burlesque fairy, world record attempt an - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Saturday at FaeryFest: Solstice, swim, abisnth candyfloss, burlesque fairy, world record attempt an [Jul. 1st, 2014|01:07 pm]
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Saturday 21 june

A 4am waking up to go up to the ruined folly and see the sunrise for the Solstice. Back in tent for little sleep and went for a swim (this time at bottom of the hill for a swim . Last year we visited the stately house and all its garden and follies so so nice). After the swim we revisited the formal garden to say hello to the mermaid fountain and we even caught the little shuttle back up and got a private little guide tour at same time.

Saturday was filled with much fun with usual its dragon and trees walking about. We also attempted to break the world record of most fairies (to prove a fairy you need a wand tutu and wings) we had something like 750 so just very shot of success but if was fun parading down the hill .

We somehow also ended up on stage for the fashion show showing off Twinkle wings and parading around the camp following felicity. In between we had absinth candy floss, tree wings, bands and a burlesque fairy show. Sadly missed the end of Dolmen set and big fireshow as we were very sleepy fairies by the end of the day.


 photo IMG_1216.jpg

 photo IMG_1226.jpg
 photo IMG_1228.jpg

it's coming
 photo IMG_1231.jpg
 photo IMG_1233.jpg
 photo IMG_1235.jpg
 photo IMG_1237.jpg
 photo IMG_1238.jpg

swim at bottom of stately house
 photo IMG_1239.jpg

 photo IMG_1242.jpg
 photo IMG_1243.jpg
 photo IMG_1245.jpg
 photo IMG_1248.jpg
 photo IMG_1249.jpg
 photo IMG_1252.jpg
 photo IMG_1254.jpg

formal gardens
 photo IMG_1255.jpg
 photo IMG_1256.jpg
 photo IMG_1258.jpg
 photo IMG_1259.jpg
 photo IMG_1260.jpg
 photo IMG_1261.jpg
 photo IMG_1263.jpg

dragon in the camp
 photo IMG_1266.jpg
 photo IMG_1268.jpg
 photo IMG_1269.jpg
 photo IMG_1270.jpg
 photo IMG_1272.jpg
walking tree
 photo IMG_1273.jpg
 photo IMG_1276.jpg
 photo IMG_1277.jpg
 photo IMG_1279.jpg
 photo IMG_1282.jpg
 photo IMG_1283.jpg
 photo IMG_1284.jpg
 photo IMG_1285.jpg
 photo IMG_1287.jpg
 photo IMG_1288.jpg
 photo IMG_1289.jpg
 photo IMG_1290.jpg
 photo IMG_1291.jpg
 photo IMG_1292.jpg
 photo IMG_1294.jpg
 photo IMG_1296.jpg
 photo IMG_1297.jpg
prof elemental
 photo IMG_1298.jpg
 photo IMG_1300.jpg

preparation for faery world record
 photo IMG_1301.jpg
 photo IMG_1304.jpg
 photo IMG_1305.jpg
 photo IMG_1306.jpg
 photo IMG_1311.jpg
 photo IMG_1313.jpg
 photo IMG_1315.jpg
 photo IMG_1317.jpg
 photo IMG_1318.jpg
 photo IMG_1319.jpg
 photo IMG_1320.jpg
 photo IMG_1321.jpg
 photo IMG_1323.jpg
 photo IMG_1324.jpg
 photo IMG_1327.jpg
 photo IMG_1328.jpg
 photo IMG_1329.jpg

fairy fashion show showing twinkle wings
 photo IMG_1333.jpg
 photo IMG_1335.jpg
 photo IMG_1336.jpg
 photo IMG_1338.jpg
cool act
 photo IMG_1343.jpg
 photo IMG_1344.jpg
 photo IMG_1346.jpg
 photo IMG_1347.jpg
 photo IMG_1348.jpg
 photo IMG_1349.jpg
 photo IMG_1350.jpg

absinth and brandy candyfloss
 photo IMG_1351.jpg
 photo IMG_1353.jpg
 photo IMG_1356.jpg
 photo IMG_1358.jpg
 photo IMG_1359.jpg
 photo IMG_1367.jpg
 photo IMG_1370.jpg
 photo IMG_1371.jpg
 photo IMG_1373.jpg
 photo IMG_1374.jpg
 photo IMG_1375.jpg
 photo IMG_1376.jpg
 photo IMG_1380.jpg
 photo IMG_1383.jpg
 photo IMG_1384.jpg
 photo IMG_1385.jpg
 photo IMG_1388.jpg
 photo IMG_1393.jpg
 photo IMG_1399.jpg

fairy burlesque
 photo IMG_1405.jpg
 photo IMG_1407.jpg
 photo IMG_1409.jpg
 photo IMG_1411.jpg
 photo IMG_1415.jpg

 photo IMG_1417.jpg
 photo IMG_1420.jpg