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Faery Fest Prep - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Faery Fest Prep [Jun. 16th, 2014|07:28 pm]
Sunday 15 June

Successful busy day and pretty much all packed for Faery fest...been a day of plotting what to wear...big camping stuff pile, big wings pile, suitcases unpacked and repacked...just camping food left to sort...now lets hope it will all fit in the car Been Ivy-ing and decorating a few accessories

 photo IMG_1003.jpg

 photo IMG_1004.jpg

 photo IMG_1013.jpg

 photo IMG_1014.jpg

Perfect for a quick change after the long drive to Cornwall I have Unicorned my Ghoulia's Peculiars wig and the dolls got a little "fairy" makeover , with a few flowers, butterflies and pentagram additions for the occasion

 photo IMG_1005.jpg

 photo IMG_1006.jpg

 photo IMG_1007.jpg