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Sun WGT: Zombie Soldiers, Sparklers, Tarja and Absinth slushy - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sun WGT: Zombie Soldiers, Sparklers, Tarja and Absinth slushy [Jun. 16th, 2014|06:15 pm]
Sunday 8th June

Once again the day started with a trip to Parkbhune, this time it was to see OST:FRONT, one of my highlight of the festival. They are very similar to Rammstein musically but with a more soldier zombie stage show. Amazing but my gosh it was even hotter…even with cooler outfit…
Afterward we popped to the Agra market, bumped into OST:Front and Faun singer. Went to see the photo  exhibition. Popped in to see bits of UK Decay but really not my thing, so went to seat outside and do a  bit of people watching  before Umbra et Imago.
Umbra et Imago were as fab as always (although sad face they didn’t play Amadeus). Usual fetish stage show of whipping, crosses, wax, sparkly candles pin on her bum…always great fun to watch. Simon left to catch the other band I would have loved to see (Collection darnell d’andrea) and I remained for Tarja.
Tarja was fantastic, always amazed by her voice and did lots of songs I love. Wendy and Gerrit  were lovely and collected me after the gig to make our way to Sixtina Vampire night. Great new venue with fab hearse and inside. Absinth cocktail slushy were exactly what was needed and suddenly it was 3am and  no on seem interested in going clubbing so instead it was another pool and Jacuzzi session with lots of friends back at hotel.

played with more tribal look
 photo IMG_0680.jpg

 photo IMG_0682.jpg

 photo IMG_0683.jpg

 photo IMG_0686.jpg
 photo IMG_0688.jpg

goth wish cookies
 photo IMG_0691.jpg

 photo IMG_0692.jpg

 photo IMG_0693.jpg

 photo IMG_0694.jpg
 photo IMG_0696.jpg

 photo IMG_0697.jpg

 photo IMG_0698.jpg

 photo IMG_0700.jpg

 photo IMG_0702.jpg

 photo IMG_0703.jpg

 photo IMG_0704.jpg
 photo IMG_0711.jpg

 photo IMG_0712.jpg

 photo IMG_0716.jpg

 photo IMG_0727.jpg

 photo IMG_0729.jpg

 photo IMG_0732.jpg

 photo IMG_0733.jpg
Agra Market
 photo IMG_0734.jpg

 photo IMG_0736.jpg

 photo IMG_0737.jpg

 photo IMG_0738.jpg

 photo IMG_0740.jpg

 photo IMG_0741.jpg
 photo IMG_0743.jpg
 photo IMG_0744.jpg

Faun singer :) :) :)

Koudanaris photo exhibition
 photo IMG_0748.jpg
 photo IMG_0749.jpg

 photo IMG_0750.jpg
 photo IMG_0751.jpg
 photo IMG_0752.jpg
 photo IMG_0758.jpg
 photo IMG_0759.jpg
 photo IMG_0762.jpg
 photo IMG_0763.jpg
 photo IMG_0764.jpg
UK DEcay
 photo IMG_0766.jpg
Back to market
 photo IMG_0767.jpg
 photo IMG_0768.jpg

Umbra et Imago
 photo IMG_0773.jpg
 photo IMG_0792.jpg
 photo IMG_0795.jpg
 photo IMG_0806.jpg
sparkler pin on her bottom :)
 photo IMG_0823.jpg

 photo IMG_0827.jpg

TARJA !!!!!!!!!!!
 photo IMG_0833.jpg

 photo IMG_0842.jpg

 photo IMG_0851.jpg
 photo IMG_0854.jpg
 photo IMG_0858.jpg
 photo IMG_0859.jpg
 photo IMG_0862.jpg
 photo IMG_0866.jpg
 photo IMG_0867.jpg
 photo IMG_0868.jpg
 photo IMG_0870.jpg
 photo IMG_0871.jpg
 photo IMG_0874.jpg
 photo IMG_0878.jpg


[User Picture]From: vampyresheep
2014-06-18 11:55 am (UTC)
I was going to go to that photo exhibition when I had a few hours to kill by myself on the Monday .......... got distracted by, ahem, sitting on the grass doing nothing! Shame, as it looked pretty cool from your photos.
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[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2014-06-18 01:11 pm (UTC)
the paul koudaris one were the best they were same print than from his books just bigger. Going to loos was a good excuse to pop by show at same time :)
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