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Friday WGT: EBM Knights & hot tub with Army of Infant Jesus - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Friday WGT: EBM Knights & hot tub with Army of Infant Jesus [Jun. 13th, 2014|05:46 pm]

Friday 6th June Part 2

After the picnic we had a great line up of bands to see…first off Orphaned Land , it was their acoustic set and love what I saw and I am thinking of going to their November gig (as couldn’t go to their sat gig)  unusual oriental metal from Israel.
Then came an acoustic set from Inkubus Sukkubus it was so nice to see them on that stage and they playes lots of rare ones being acoustic set so happy fans (especially as sadly missed their electric set on Sat).
One band I have wanted to see for a while Heimataerde …mixing EBM and Teutonic knights…a fun show, there was blood, rubber bleeding hearts and rats  , eye gauging, death and lots of jumping about…although I know more older materials.
We rushed back to town and got to Schauspielhaus just n time to see The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus. It was nice but a bit too slow for me, they sang scriptures (and occasional Beatles’ lyrics) to some arty film. Some lovely bits but more simon taste…

Late dinner of pizza with friends and made our way to the wonderful Dark Neo-Romantic club for some twirling on the dancefloor..very packed and hot….the call to the swimming pool and removal of wig and corset was to strong top resist and return to the hotel around 3am to jump in the pool.
Amusingly we bumped into The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus in hotel lobby and told them about the pool so the night ended chatting with them in the hot tub…Most Surreal.

 photo IMG_0499.jpg

Orphaned Land
 photo IMG_0446.jpg

 photo IMG_0447.jpg

 photo IMG_0449.jpg

 photo IMG_0451.jpg
 photo IMG_0452.jpg

 photo IMG_0453.jpg

 photo IMG_0454.jpg
mead in blood pouch
 photo IMG_0456.jpg

 photo IMG_0458.jpg

 photo IMG_0460.jpg

Inkubus sukkubus :)
 photo IMG_0461.jpg

 photo IMG_0462.jpg

 photo IMG_0465.jpg
interval and fruit wine
 photo IMG_0471.jpg
 photo IMG_0475.jpg
 photo IMG_0476.jpg
 photo IMG_0480.jpg
 photo IMG_0494.jpg
 photo IMG_0496.jpg

 photo IMG_0512.jpg
 photo IMG_0524.jpg
inflatable skirt
 photo IMG_0529.jpg
The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus.
 photo IMG_0531.jpg

 photo IMG_0536.jpg
Neo-romantic club
 photo IMG_0538.jpg

 photo IMG_0539.jpg

 photo IMG_0541.jpg
on way back to hotel pre-swim
 photo IMG_0542.jpg