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WGT Doc [Jun. 13th, 2014|05:14 pm]
Sadly cannot understand anything but seem to be a little documentary on WGT and goth music. Simon and I spotted waiting for OST:Front to come on stage (about 1.50min), also feature the agra, market, pagan village and some of the bands that played like the Fair sex, Umbra et Imago and Ann Clarke.
In middle there also a bit on picnic and spotted Aly & simon picnicking (26.38) . There also bits of clubs .
Lots of street shot making me want to be there in such a beautifully goth populated city


[User Picture]From: vampyresheep
2014-06-16 08:03 am (UTC)
I'll have to have a proper look at that. I saw the bit you and Simon were in at the beginning!
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[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2014-06-16 08:33 am (UTC)
you are in later when they get to picnic :)
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