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WGT [Jun. 11th, 2014|05:15 pm]
Back from WGT, to say it was hot would be an understatement...i think the coolest day was about 28 degrees then it went up from then...forecast most day said 34- 36 but in Parkbhune sunshine more like 40+...so hot on monday my shoes sole melted walking about non-amusingly (only bought them the day before)

Still it didn't stop us see lots of bands, we just suffered in style and the 24 hour hotel pool was the most welcome reward after a day of bands and clubbing in corsets and headpieces.
Lots of beers and ice creams had to be consumed too
Our photos also ended up in newspaper on saturday :)
Highlights : OST:FRONT, Hemataerde, Inkkies, Tarja....lot and lots more
Also saw the Giger exhibition
Will get started on photos asap....
Lots of new CD to listen to :)
Keep FB updated daily anyway as we had a bit wifi in hotel

The return journey wasn't as good delayed flight (due to big storm hitting Germany) and they lost both our suitcases...
Waited all morning for it, at least it is in uk now, but then returned to work and being reschedule to be delivered tomorrow :(

Hopefully it will happen as lots of clothes to wash and start sorting outfit for next festival  next week... little glimpse ...


in the paper