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New TV & Bring and Buy - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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New TV & Bring and Buy [Jun. 3rd, 2014|12:35 pm]
Sunday 1 June

Karl is emigrating to Canada so we bought his TV, bigger than we were ever planning to replace our old fashion monster block but cheap and we would have most likely need replacement in the next year or 2 as getting darker all the times. Collected it on the way to the Bring and Buy.
Had a great time at Alternative Bring and Buy, luckily just got a few CD's which is rare but  going to be expensive month with 2 festivals...so resisted temptation, still had a great time chattering to everyone and as always ended up there for many more hours than planned :)

I had to re-organised and re-house the various decos and ornaments that used to live on top of our old big tv...but at least managed to perch the raven on new flat screen one

 photo 10446348_10152056520886548_4198061813327041673_n.jpg