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all packed [Jun. 3rd, 2014|12:22 pm]
Saturday 31 st May

Mostly packing for WGT, also did lots of jobs around the house (attaching curtain poles, washing machine decide to have a tantrum and flood the kitchen floor, oven died (got revived it was just the plug things)...still all this things that decide to happen when trying to pack before a holiday.
Also did some re-organisng in dressing room, mostly to fit another clothes rail and this was followed by a i need to tidy the jewellery section as it is all tangle and mayhem...so all the necklaces now neatly organised by style,  colour....and did a big pile of those i don't really like or wear as much...followed by an evenings of gluegun and pliers later they have been turned into new brooches, bracelets, pins, added to other necklace...

 photo test007.jpg
 photo unnamed.jpg