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Slade degree show [May. 29th, 2014|12:39 pm]
Wednesday 29 May Slade degree show.

In the morning Kat and I popped to the Slade next door to check out this year degree show, i have to say i liked very little, no statement , too much video art and very abstract works but always interesting to see what is being made by the new artist generation.
The best bit was the room full of fluff, didn't think much of the video that was made to watch but jumping and lying in fluff was fun...and the big man was impressive scale ...there was moving shoes too...a different type of tea break :)

 photo 10402777_10152045948026548_4967464109410788049_n.jpg
 photo 10390072_10152045956946548_2227271855224191356_n.jpg
 photo 10341412_10152045953416548_2675259716359777855_n.jpg