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Charlie Tuesday Gates & Museum House of Death - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Charlie Tuesday Gates & Museum House of Death [May. 28th, 2014|05:45 pm]

Thursday 22 May :Charlie Tuesday Gates & Museum House of Death

A friend informed me on this upcoming exhibition, weird taxidermy in the vaults, this tick all my interest buttons. She advertised herself as a vegan taxidermist and sounded like a mix or art and performance with "dead real" puppets....had to go :)
Managed to get ourselves on the private view list (thanks to aly for sorting that)
Since my last visit the Vaults have added a tea bar, half bathtub dangling seats and there is a double seater swan to play jenga in. I love that space, not been since Goblin Ball, even queuing outside was fun as seeing the ever changing graffiti art space .
The art exhibition is amazing: adorned skulls, bones, jewellery, feathery headdress and wings, weird and morbid taxidermy, altars…if i had the budget would have taken many pieces home as they would fit perfectly with what we already have.
The performance hard to describe unusual mix of cabaret alongside taxidermy puppets, we were on the  front row and there was surreal moments , like to see the full version.
The exhibition is on until 22 June really worth a visit.



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