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Go Ape [May. 21st, 2014|06:39 pm]

Sunday  18 May: Go Ape

This was something quite different , Rob got a voucher for xmas , so we decided to go along too..It was a lot harder than expected (i don't like ladders especially wobbly ones up very tall trees), some of the passerelles were quite something  as they moved so much leaving you dangling doing the split, jumping to the monkey net was both scary and fab...apart from my landing into net my feet got stuck...but the zip wire was so much fun. Feeling quite impressed with myself I did it
Rewarded ourselves with big ice cream afterwards and a lovely near by pub :)

Taken from below by rob mum


the ones simon took as we made him first :)
 photo test023.jpg

 photo test026.jpg

 photo test027.jpg
training one
 photo test029.jpg

 photo test032.jpg

 photo test034.jpg

 photo test036.jpg

 photo test039.jpg

 photo test041.jpg

 photo test042.jpg

 photo test045-1.jpg

 photo test046.jpg

 photo test048.jpg

 photo test050.jpg

 photo test051.jpg

 photo test054.jpg

 photo test061-1.jpg

 photo test062-1.jpg

 photo test063.jpg

 photo test065-1.jpg

 photo test070.jpg

 photo test073-1.jpg

 photo test075.jpg

 photo test079.jpg

 photo test081.jpg

 photo test082.jpg

 photo test084.jpg