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Sophie BBQ - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sophie BBQ [May. 21st, 2014|05:46 pm]
Saturday 17 May Sophie BBQ

Before heading off we managed to fit in a little DIY. We fitted a few extra light-stopping layers  to the bedroom, we now have blinds, light stopper , thick curtain and made my first ever pelmet type creation...so no single light coming in...i can finally have proper lie in. :)

Not sure how Sophie does it but each year but the random date pick for her BBQ seem to guarantee a lovely sunny day....as well as all the strange meats she feeds us...we had zebra, something buck, aligator, venison, kangoroo, bison, and more i cannot recall....
Great fun afternoon with good company
..so thanks again motodraconis for a great day

unicorn day :)

 photo 10288713_10152027315226548_6298789756168909912_n.jpg

 photo 10288717_10152027318981548_4299491436673674015_n.jpg
 photo 1376345_10152027318901548_7260742674861296000_n.jpg
 photo 1236535_10152110933457957_6322136798714887733_n.jpg
 photo 10170890_10152110933017957_1235682184077221347_n.jpg
 photo 10325717_10152027315471548_3491653109574205196_n.jpg
 photo 10363386_10152027318941548_227088166534817615_n.jpg
 photo 10329307_10152027315351548_4252673586763563032_n.jpg
 photo 10334270_10152027318846548_8773641445159044042_n.jpg
 photo 10386249_10152110932852957_1960498171673894373_n.jpg