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Yorkshire Sculpture Park & Eurovision - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Yorkshire Sculpture Park & Eurovision [May. 15th, 2014|05:40 pm]

Saturday 12 May : Yorkshire Sculpture Park & Eurovision

We had rain, we had mud, we had sunshine, we had art, we had sheep, we had ducks and we had giant rabbits
The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is a great mix of modern & contemporary art, land art , site spec and 18th century fancy garden. From Moore to Greek temple. Really need a full day there ad we only had time to see a few with the 2 hour pass . It was also a odd changing weather type of day.
We had a lovely wander , then it was time to start the long journey down (with quick stop at motorway station to get change as both soaked, sweaty and covered in mud ) before invading Aly & Rob house for a catch up Eurovision party.
A day later to everyone and missed all the big party so we made our own little one, glad of th winner although I wanted Poland to win and simon Iceland.
Muddy= falling in it= back to car and get the wellies on instead :)

 photo test155.jpg

some big rabbits
 photo test211.jpg

 photo test210.jpg

 photo test209.jpg

 photo test206.jpg

 photo test205.jpg

 photo test204.jpg

 photo test203.jpg

 photo test202.jpg

 photo test200.jpg

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 photo test198.jpg

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 photo test195.jpg

 photo test194.jpg

 photo test193.jpg

 photo test192.jpg

 photo test191.jpg

 photo test190.jpg

 photo test189.jpg

 photo test187.jpg

 photo test186.jpg

 photo test185.jpg

 photo test183.jpg
ducks and pretty bridge
 photo test182.jpg

 photo test181.jpg
Henry moore and sheep :)
 photo test180.jpg

 photo test177.jpg

 photo test175.jpg

 photo test174.jpg

 photo test173.jpg

 photo test172.jpg

 photo test171.jpg

 photo test170.jpg

 photo test168.jpg

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 photo test156.jpg

 photo test154.jpg

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 photo test148.jpg

 photo test146.jpg