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Current 93 in Halifax Minster - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Current 93 in Halifax Minster [May. 15th, 2014|05:20 pm]
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Saturday 10 May: Current 93 in Halifax Minster
We had various plan of places to visit but between the need for a lie in and the weather it ended up being pretty much straight drive to Halifax.
Long way to drive for a gig but we had missed Current 93 whilst in Japan and it was in a candlelit 12c minster…Heather and Markus also decided to go last minute and even found us a nice pub to get food as we arrived (they went by train and apparently everything pretty much shut on Saturday in Halifax) .
We were the first ones into the gig so got wonderful front pews. I think it was my third  time seeing them and def best gig to date (and that seem to be a general agreement from their hardcore fans I was with ). Perfect venue for their music and David Tibet became more agitated and weird (in a good way) as night went on (and bottle of wine got drank) . There was some interesting piano bashing from front and back and he went up and down the aisle and even sat on floor front of us at one stage. Great gig that made this crazy idea a good one.
We then drove to Daevid and Sarah in Leeds whilst catching up on everyone fun entries on Eurovision and even caught the scoring as we got there (bad I knew result before our catch up Eurovision party the next day but I knew with such long drive back I would end up online anyway)

silly photobucket playing up again so going chronologically wrong order

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