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Xandria [May. 13th, 2014|05:49 pm]
Friday 9 May
Had lovely dinner with Lorena, got to venue at 7pm and realise the first band Apparition was near end of their set (oops misread the times), tbh they didn't sound very good. Stream of Passion was very good and a band to investigate as not familiar with their songs sadly couldn't see very well. Luckily at interval lots people left and we got perfect front of the banister right next to stage so change my plan to get in the front ans stayed there.
Xandria were fantastic, great gig and it had been too long since i last saw them live. Gosh the new singer what a pretty girl and I loved her outfit (not sure how new but different one to seen before) .
Shame they played more new stuff and not lioness :( but at least i got ravenheart.
I do love gig at Underworld, 3 bands and all finished by 10pm.