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Rosa Crux finally in London - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Rosa Crux finally in London [May. 7th, 2014|06:21 pm]
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Sunday 4th May : Rosa Crux

What a gig, it was just amazing , always a good sign when one has to have a shower once home to remove all the sand and earth from themselves :)
Awesome night of friends and music, would have liked to chat to everyone but too good spot at front of the stage to wander much and also managed to get right at the front for the performance so hopefully will have some good shot.
Fab to see Jo Quail and Seventh Harmonic supporting and of course Rosa Crux where as insane and otherwordly as always.
Bagpipe, art, church bells, candle, monk robe, latin lyrics and automated drums ...
Cannot wait to see them again in the summer.

 photo test201.jpg

 photo test095.jpg

 photo test098.jpg

 photo test099.jpg
jo quail
 photo test102.jpg

 photo test109.jpg

 photo test120.jpg
seventh harmonic
 photo test124.jpg

 photo test126.jpg

 photo test135.jpg
with jo quail

 photo test142.jpg
rosa crux
 photo test149.jpg

 photo test154.jpg
church bells
 photo test169.jpg

 photo test173.jpg

 photo test176.jpg

 photo test179.jpg

 photo test182.jpg

 photo test185.jpg

 photo test186.jpg

 photo test189.jpg
the performance

 photo test204.jpg

 photo test206.jpg

 photo test208.jpg

 photo test230.jpg

 photo test236.jpg

 photo test249.jpg

 photo test250.jpg