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Polesden Lacey - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Polesden Lacey [May. 7th, 2014|05:13 pm]

Saturday 3 May: Polesden Lacey

Due to heavy Bank holiday traffic we didn’t make to both planned NT but we did do home and it was so lovely. Polesden Lacey

Home to famous Edwardian hostess Mrs Greville, who entertained royalty and the celebrities of her time. The Gold room was design to impress and it did. Lovely story from rag to riches and unusual love story .
The garden was so lovely with many beautiful gargoyles.

 photo test075.jpg

 photo test004.jpg

 photo test006.jpg

 photo test007.jpg

 photo test009.jpg

 photo test011.jpg

 photo test012.jpg

 photo test013.jpg

 photo test015.jpg

 photo test016.jpg

 photo test018.jpg

 photo test022.jpg

 photo test024.jpg

 photo test026.jpg
the gold room :) :)
 photo test028.jpg

 photo test031.jpg

 photo test032.jpg

 photo test033.jpg

 photo test034.jpg

 photo test035.jpg

 photo test036.jpg

 photo test037.jpg

 photo test039.jpg

 photo test042.jpg

 photo test044.jpg

 photo test045.jpg
puff billiard
 photo test046.jpg

 photo test052.jpg
dog cemetery
 photo test053.jpg

 photo test055.jpg
her grave
 photo test056.jpg
i need those for my garden
 photo test057.jpg

 photo test058.jpg

 photo test059.jpg

 photo test063.jpg
you can rent this one :)
 photo test064.jpg

 photo test066.jpg

 photo test067.jpg

 photo test070.jpg

 photo test071.jpg

 photo test073.jpg

 photo test074.jpg

 photo test077.jpg

 photo test079.jpg

 photo test081.jpg

 photo test085.jpg

 photo test087.jpg


[User Picture]From: larissa_00
2014-05-08 11:30 am (UTC)
The little bridges across the garden paths are a nice touch; the whole gardens look like they must be huge.
Loving that fab marble bathroom :-)
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[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2014-05-08 01:25 pm (UTC)
it is a lovely place and yes gardens were huge, not one i had heard off but glad to have visited
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