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New Windows [May. 2nd, 2014|03:34 pm]
This week been a bit of hive of activities at home…Monday-Wednesday we were having all our old rotten windows taken out and new double glazing installed. This was 8 months overdue mostly thanks to Anglian windows being complete liars and messing with us around for months , adding costs and problems where there wasn’t. Finally got our money back and went with a more local firm Ames Windows, who did a great job. Hard to get excited about plastic white pvc things as quite  ugly things and costing thousands but it is lovely to be able to open and close doors without brute force or using various utensil to keep window open.
Most evening were spent putting stuff back to their original places with added cleaning (although they did quite a good job at clearing) but wood cutting does create a certain layer of extra dust.
On the bad side was the added tube strike, so going to work took double the time and the very sad news of the cancellation of the Goblin Ball,  so I decided to take Wednesday off instead of Friday as a result and avoid another day of   tube strike. This work out great as  we were able to sort all the rooms upstairs whilst they finished the porch and kitchen and the afternoon pretty much spent working out how to fit blinds and curtain poles. (All slightly different sizes now and scary to drill in brand new windows). Gorgeous day too even if only enjoyed with various trips to argos and shops for house bits.
On Thursday Simon left for Holland for some big re-enactment event (if ball had been cancelled a bit more in advance could have chance plans and join him L) and in a kind of perfect timing for May Day I received some new fresh" plastic "ivy, as all the real one has been relegating to the garden so it may grow better that it was doing in corridor... makes everything instantly prettier

house without windows

Nothing too exciting of taking a window photos but  nice of ivy :)

 photo test006.jpg
 photo test008.jpg
 photo 10308197_10152001587526548_4188465164443912870_n.jpg
 photo 10330352_10152001587591548_4337889902535821893_n.jpg