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Cutting tree day - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cutting tree day [Apr. 28th, 2014|07:07 pm]
Sunday 27 April

That day was quite different as we went to help Twinkle who lives in  a hut in a forest (where her festival will be held this summer)
We were helping her cut some tress that we were reusing and replanting to do some paths and fencing for the fairy forest .

Was quite fun with silly event like david getting his boots stuck in tree whilst trying to push it and riding the buggy.
We also got treated to wonderful BBQ...it worked out a tiring but very fun day outdoor.

what a team what could go wrong!!!
 photo 10325269_10151992670816548_6933597665824968920_n.jpg

 photo 10277001_10151993338861548_1591635878484923967_n.jpg

 photo 10006593_10151992822876548_3702247609750327071_n.jpg

 photo 10298789_10151992824916548_5844445694760159232_n.jpg

 photo 10313045_10151992671951548_6953068122383957034_n.jpg

her studio
 photo 10308333_10151992827816548_7957109751391199070_n.jpg