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Pubbage [Apr. 28th, 2014|06:58 pm]
A weekend of pub

Friday 25 April
My going to the pub for A drink after work for leaving do didn't quite happened, old boss turned up and about 4 glasses of wine later i staggered home....been a while since i did the always bad idea of pub without food..ouch!!!

Saturday 26 April
Sat was  been mostly spent moving furnitures into corner and removing frames in preparation for the window installation on Monday...looks odd and bare..

 photo test001.jpg
 photo test002-1.jpg
 photo test003.jpg

Iain 50th Birthday, that evening went to help Iain celebrate, following Friday excess it was a tea and soft drink night for me...lovely to see everyone. Aude took lots of photos on her FB

 photo 10172595_10152223517608409_5574282758565413595_n.jpg

 photo 10292452_10152223517558409_5263420901005231093_n.jpg