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Woodchester Mansion [Apr. 25th, 2014|05:32 pm]

Sunday 20 April: Woodchester Mansion

That day sadly the rain and cold wind had taken over, at least the gloominess went quite well with our next visit.
A 19th Century Victorian Gothic Masterpiece mysteriously abandoned mid-construction in 1873. Hidden in a secluded Cotswold valley, it is untouched by time and the modern world. This Grade 1 Listed Building has been saved from dereliction, but will never be completed.

Visitors walk through an extraordinary architectural exhibit in which the secrets of the medieval Gothic builders and masons are laid bare. The carvings in Woodchester Mansion are among the finest of their kind in the world.

It was quite fascinating as we did a very interesting tour, so different, the place got lots of "spooky story" as they do ghost watch and other type events. We still dared and visit the cellars. They have some amazing gargoyles outside, especially with the rain as it seem they just dribled.
They also had morris dancer, music and a little car boot sale in the house.

Afterward we sadly had to wave our goodbyes and slowly drive back to London (more problems this time, road closed due to big accidents and torential rains)


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best bathtub
 photo IMG_8682.jpg
and shower :)
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