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Puzzlewood - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Puzzlewood [Apr. 24th, 2014|05:52 pm]

Saturday 19 April  Puzzlewood (Forest of dean)
That day we did quite a few visit in the Forest of dean.
This is such a magical and enchanting place, ancient forest of paths like maze,  mossy rocks, bridges,  twisted roots ,  bit remind me of the Cambodian temples with tree growing out of  mixes with canyons and gorges but at same time just a lovely forest, kept as unspoilt as can be for a touristic destination. Tolkien supposedly inspired by it and this was my second visit and loved it just as much. Excited  for Simon to finally experience it and in the lovely company of the Inkkies and their family.

 photo IMG_8536.jpg

 photo IMG_8516.jpg

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