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Simon Birthday & frogs garden art - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Simon Birthday & frogs garden art [Apr. 14th, 2014|05:53 pm]
Saturday 12 April

Breakfast and opening of presents, it was such a wonderful sunny day that i decide to do some garden deco in the sunshine whilst Simon read his book . Decided i need to shelves where all the frogs lives for books (well lego collection atm until bookcase ran out of space again) . All the more fancy , less weatherproof frogs have been moves to the fairy shelves and the rest decided to give them a new vocation...garden decor.
A glue gun , frogs and some frames (sadly both back and glass broken) ... little things like that really had to the garden , especially whilst stilla bit bare from plants.

 photo 1549507_10151962901601548_2885100413051295257_n.jpg

 photo 1922267_10151963014441548_5011082856696744211_n.jpg

 photo 971278_10151963014401548_5505494740630239401_n.jpg

 photo 10151370_10151963014481548_7601597460763993626_n.jpg

 photo 10262156_10151963014371548_6706113419203960077_n.jpg

In the afternoon , friends started to arrive and the day/evening was spent playing various boardgames

 photo 1558451_10151963148186548_6357130789303658653_n.jpg