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This week [Apr. 11th, 2014|12:13 pm]
This week was mostly pre-simon birthday celebration...

Monday 7th April, Liza and Paul come to visit for an evening of board games, cheeses and beers...i badly lost at them all but great evening in good company

Tuesday ...after 2 late nights and also been doing some quite full on gym classes before it all shut down for easter so pretty much collapse to bed...

Wednesday, rush back from work a bit earlier to make most of the sunshine and try to do a bit more in the garden...we attached the bracket a bit more solidly and varnished and added shelves. i filled and potted my first ever hanging basket. We are going for plants that will hopefully cover wall quite fast...and i do love ivy. Still look quite bare but will be a little bit at time as plants are expensive...still already look so much nicer

 photo 1604926_10151958052616548_7165616462790058667_n.jpg
 photo 10177979_10151958052661548_3330267613104977972_n.jpg
 photo 10155615_10151958052711548_4728124221907001805_n.jpg

Thursday, this was another of simon pre-birthday celebration (it is on saturday), started in Gordon wine bar where Simon, Paul , H&M were already there, later joined by Steve, Aly, Nadia and smaff. For once Gordon wasn't too busy which was rather nice. I do love that place damp cellar just using candle :) the oldest in town.

 photo 10154477_10151960770541548_2973560656583218039_n.jpg
 photo 1017763_10151960770521548_2540221581943098269_n.jpg

Afterward we made out way to Camden to go to Belgo to indulge in Mussels and beers. We were joined by Patricia, Alan and Rob. A fun night especially as the coconut beer came in coconut shelves , even turning non beer drinkers like nadia into beers :)

 photo 1506889_10151960770636548_2731533074459659545_n.jpg
 photo 1939810_10151960770661548_6570965100885753148_n.jpg
 photo 10155350_10152040332147957_997994291206083984_n.jpg
 photo 10153836_10151960770576548_6878986329537870908_n.jpg
 photo 10171883_10151960770611548_8867784185493917435_n.jpg