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David Sedaris [Apr. 1st, 2014|05:15 pm]
Monday 31 March
Last night simon was supposed to take his parent to see David Sedaris, sadly they were both unwell and unable to travel to London so Damien and I stepped  in instead. I had never even heard the name ,so didn’t have not much of an idea what to expect (I knew he was a radio/comedy so why I decided not to join them originally) ...but every night of his show was sold out show so obviously  popular.
Also gave us an excuse to pop to Hare and tortoise for dinner before making out way to Sloane square ( not sure we could afford any resto there) .
It was interesting, i am not a bit fan of comedian or this kind of format show but he was witty and lovely guy to chat to (got lucky he was there with little queues as we arrived).


I enjoyed parts but on whole as i expected not really my thing , I think I was the only one person in whole audience not laughing out loud  all the time  and had some problem staying alert in middle (but that mostly from habit as I fall asleep to tv or audio book every night and radio 4 as same effect on the car).
I had never been to Cadogan Hall before lovely place, 1909 Byzantium architecture with beautiful Celtic stained glass windows. http://manchesterhistory.net/architecture/1920/cadogan.html