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Fence garden [Mar. 31st, 2014|05:24 pm]
A week already :)
On Monday I went to Wonkey (newly refurbished, pretty much the same, still as rude but just more pricey now) it was for Minigoth birthday dinner and saw some friends not seen for ages.
On Tuesday Patricia came round to see the house and dinner, a lot of wine was consumed and my head was still spinning the next morning (which was interesting as I was spending all day interviewing)
The rest of the week quieter, spent Friday making a skirt from my Cambodian fabric to then decided didn’t work with what I had in mind but will make nice curtain instead.
On Saturday as finally a better day weather-wise we decided to attack fencing the garden. Especially the bottom end where very low wall. Got some cheap bamboo bit and spent pretty much all day drilling and attaching them to the wall. Used shelves brackets as a way to attach and also planning to cut some shelves so can have lots of pots on wall.
Already made it so much more private.

Also did some baking and tried various new recipes…as Georgie was staying over that night with quiche Lorraine, tuna and olive quiche, a spinach strawberry and goat cheese salad and a spinach, apples, honey and goat cheese salad, followed by games.
Sunday was a nice overdue lie in, followed by a trip to the tip (from all the crap clear from garden) and Harry Potter studio ( but that will be next post once photos sorted)