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Dress & Monster Truck - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Dress & Monster Truck [Mar. 25th, 2014|12:45 pm]
Friday 21 March
I had the day off to wait for delivery , but they actually had both arrive the day before (2 rolls of 2 metres high bamboo just got dumped in front garden for anyone to steal and the wallpaper in a random neighbour…ridiculous as always.
So instead spent pretty much the day sewing, been wanting to use that fabric for a while  and recently jenny made me a top from it.
My first attempt at doing a full skirt using the semi technique we use for overskirt…did a few bad start as cut fabric wrong , a few reattachment…and added more panels…but worked better than expected and even been adding lots of lace, bows and bits….now need to remember how ii did it and do a black version too :)

Here the skirt:

 photo IMG_8073.jpg
 photo IMG_8076.jpg
 photo IMG_8077.jpg

Here the mural that once window have been done will be on the wall facing the bed(I was after a darker or more fantasy forest but this one was much cheaper (38£) for full wall.

In the evening Simon went on his way to Leeds to do some music and Nadia, Aly and Rob popped by on our way to a new club : Monster Truck , for some Hard industrial and Metal. It was a good night , especially as quite local for me (in Finsbury Park) but the venue is a bit small and as such quite a squish for space on dancefloor

 photo 1907584_10151926352691548_1058726018_n.jpg