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Antwerp Zoo and return to UK - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Antwerp Zoo and return to UK [Mar. 14th, 2014|05:55 pm]
Sunday 9th March

The Zoo
Most fantastic architecture for a Zoo, It is one of the oldest in Europe. The penguins live in Vriesland with their own arctic enclosure, elephants and giraffes are as tall as the colourful tacky Egyptian temple they stay in , hippopotamuses goof around in a pink villa, the reptiles are in a fake Greek building. There’s a courtyard house that looks a like a be-turreted version of The Golden Cabinet building, there’s a primitive log bridge over the lion pit, the fish live in an Athenian temple, , the Okapi wander around their Moroccan arched stables, whilst the deer, ‘warty-pigs’ and zebras live in thatched cottages!
As we visited the Zoo at night-time for the Ball, it was great to see it daytime (and glorious weather w had too).

Afterward we pretty much live in Beer Central little by little gathering the rest of the travellers.
Unfortunately the return journey wasn’t so good  as some of our party had their bags stolen on the local train to Brussels, being Sunday and last eurostar train made the whole situation quite complicated and the very sad fact was that we had to leave one friend behind to sort emergency passport the next day . Also discover the stupid thing that without ID you are not allowed to make a crime report (even though they stole your bag with all your ID in???)   It was an horrible situation but we are  trying not to let it marred too much a lovely weekend .

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