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Gala Nocturna – Belle et la Bete - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Gala Nocturna – Belle et la Bete [Mar. 14th, 2014|05:30 pm]
Saturday 8March The Ball
This year ball took us to a new venue, the ballroom at Antwerp Zoo, magnificent entry, large sumptuous ballroom with bats on top of the colonnades, green house, impressive staircase, quite magnificent as always. Many beasts were seen, human statues, fencing fights and horned stilt walkers. Between chatting and twirling on the dancefloor I tried to capture a few ball revellers, the usual hard choice between atmospheric blurred flashless or less nice but I can see details of amazing outfits flash.
Starting with a few shots of each other tarting around in hotel lobby before making our way to the ball.

 photo IMG_7628.jpg

 photo IMG_7631.jpg

 photo IMG_7635.jpg

 photo IMG_7636.jpg

 photo IMG_7645.jpg

 photo IMG_7649.jpg

 photo IMG_7651.jpg
winter gardens
 photo IMG_7656.jpg

 photo IMG_7659.jpg

 photo IMG_7660.jpg

 photo IMG_7662.jpg

 photo IMG_7663.jpg

 photo IMG_7665.jpg

 photo IMG_7668.jpg

 photo IMG_7671.jpg

 photo IMG_7672.jpg

 photo IMG_7676.jpg

 photo IMG_7679.jpg

 photo IMG_7680.jpg

 photo IMG_7684.jpg

 photo IMG_7690.jpg

 photo IMG_7692.jpg

 photo IMG_7693.jpg

 photo IMG_7697.jpg

 photo IMG_7698.jpg

 photo IMG_7701.jpg

 photo IMG_7704.jpg

 photo IMG_7710.jpg

 photo IMG_7712.jpg

 photo IMG_7713.jpg

 photo IMG_7714.jpg

 photo IMG_7715.jpg

 photo IMG_7716.jpg

 photo IMG_7717.jpg

 photo IMG_7721.jpg

 photo IMG_7722.jpg

 photo IMG_7724.jpg

 photo IMG_7725.jpg

 photo IMG_7727.jpg

 photo IMG_7728.jpg

 photo IMG_7729.jpg

 photo IMG_7742.jpg

 photo IMG_7743.jpg

 photo IMG_7744.jpg

 photo IMG_7745.jpg

 photo IMG_7747.jpg

 photo IMG_7748.jpg

 photo IMG_7749.jpg

 photo IMG_7750.jpg

 photo IMG_7752.jpg

 photo IMG_7757.jpg

 photo IMG_7763.jpg

 photo IMG_7764.jpg

 photo IMG_7766.jpg

 photo IMG_7767.jpg

 photo IMG_7772.jpg

 photo IMG_7773.jpg

 photo IMG_7776.jpg

 photo IMG_7777.jpg

 photo IMG_7778.jpg

 photo IMG_7779.jpg

 photo IMG_7781.jpg

 photo IMG_7782.jpg

 photo IMG_7783.jpg

 photo IMG_7785.jpg

 photo IMG_7787.jpg

 photo IMG_7789.jpg

 photo IMG_7790.jpg

 photo IMG_7792.jpg

 photo IMG_7794.jpg

 photo IMG_7797.jpg

 photo IMG_7798.jpg

 photo IMG_7799.jpg

 photo IMG_7800.jpg

 photo IMG_7801.jpg

 photo IMG_7803.jpg

 photo IMG_7806.jpg

 photo IMG_7807.jpg

 photo IMG_7808.jpg

 photo IMG_7810.jpg

 photo IMG_7812.jpg

 photo IMG_7815.jpg

 photo IMG_7817.jpg

 photo IMG_7818.jpg

 photo IMG_7820.jpg

 photo IMG_7821.jpg

 photo IMG_7826.jpg

 photo IMG_7829.jpg