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Before the Ball - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Before the Ball [Mar. 14th, 2014|05:15 pm]
Saturday 8 March
A few hotel lobby shots before heading out to the ball (ugly surroundings but better light to see details and colours of our various creations)

So for this year theme (belle et la bete) i decided to unnearthed an old opera dress and give it new life and colour injection via attaching flowers. My head dress pretty much made out of tesco and tiger tiger xmas deco. I went for a beast/deers/horns and white shimmer for the beauty side.
a bit of drama panic as we weer getting ready simon realise he had forgotten his hairpiece, so not what was planned but at least eh had the horns and i added some spare jewellery to it .
 photo IMG_7583.jpg photo IMG_7589.jpg

 photo IMG_7580.jpg

 photo IMG_7581.jpg

 photo IMG_7586.jpg

 photo IMG_7590.jpg

 photo IMG_7591.jpg

 photo IMG_7594.jpg

 photo IMG_7595.jpg

 photo IMG_7596.jpg

 photo IMG_7597.jpg

 photo IMG_7598.jpg

 photo IMG_7600.jpg

 photo IMG_7602.jpg

 photo IMG_7603.jpg

 photo IMG_7605.jpg

 photo IMG_7606.jpg

 photo IMG_7608.jpg

 photo IMG_7609.jpg

 photo IMG_7611.jpg

 photo IMG_7612.jpg

 photo IMG_7613.jpg

 photo IMG_7615.jpg

 photo IMG_7616.jpg

 photo IMG_7618.jpg

 photo IMG_7621.jpg

 photo IMG_7623.jpg

 photo IMG_7624.jpg