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Maritime Museum library [Mar. 5th, 2014|05:26 pm]
Tuesday 4 March
Fascinating visit to the Maritime Museum library that afternoon, saw some wonderful manuscripts and maps, including the failed Masters' Certificates from the Titanic Captain (he did eventually pass later), amazing merchant navy diary filled with anecdotes and watercolors. They have some wonderful viewing gadget in reading room to look at ship plans.
Caird Library:

Sadly I didn't have time to revisit the museum (looks quite different since my last visit and the new wing) or have a wonder around Greenwich ...which seem a shame but I am slightly fretting atm, as i haven't started packing, still needed to do at least one more try of ball outfit and think of make up ...and it does take ages to traveled back from Greenwich (although Nadia and I got very excited to get front seat on the dockland railway on our way down). Did not stop last night but i guess the ball outfit is packed and some decision made, just need to try continue tonight...