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Surrey Third Steampunk Convivial - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Surrey Third Steampunk Convivial [Mar. 4th, 2014|05:24 pm]

Saturday 22 February: Surrey Third Steampunk Convivial
Friday night we had audrey and her brother staying over (having just driven from chambery), then in the morning we set off for New Malden for a fun day of  steampunk silliness with steam morris dancer, burlesque life drawing, tea duelling, ostrich races, wacky races, jenga, chili eating comp, music, stories, talk, shopping and friends.
In a nutshell Simon won the ostrich race but got beaten by rob in tea dueling...and his hat became a jenga platform whilst a scantily clad lady was being drawn :)

Played with new combination and added some tentacle to a little crown hat i made last a previous event

 photo IMG_7084.jpg

 photo IMG_7083.jpg

 photo IMG_7085.jpg
simon had a flying pig
 photo IMG_7088.jpg

 photo IMG_7089.jpg

 photo IMG_7090.jpg

 photo IMG_7091.jpg

 photo IMG_7093.jpg

 photo IMG_7095.jpg

 photo IMG_7096.jpg
teeth in the beard :)
 photo IMG_7097.jpg
mini waterloo
 photo IMG_7098.jpg

 photo IMG_7099.jpg
art exhibits in the kitchen
 photo IMG_7101.jpg

 photo IMG_7102.jpg

 photo IMG_7106.jpg

 photo IMG_7107.jpg

 photo IMG_7109.jpg

 photo IMG_7110.jpg

 photo IMG_7112.jpg
with the maire
 photo IMG_7116.jpg

 photo IMG_7117.jpg

 photo IMG_7118.jpg

 photo IMG_7120.jpg

 photo IMG_7121.jpg
tea duelling
 photo IMG_7127.jpg

 photo IMG_7133.jpg

 photo IMG_7143.jpg

 photo IMG_7153.jpg

 photo IMG_7155.jpg

 photo IMG_7156.jpg

 photo IMG_7158.jpg

 photo IMG_7164.jpg
 photo IMG_7170.jpg

 photo IMG_7176.jpg

 photo IMG_7192.jpg
 photo IMG_7194.jpg

 photo IMG_7195.jpg
ostrich race
 photo IMG_7201.jpg

 photo IMG_7205.jpg
winning pause and podium
 photo IMG_7206.jpg

 photo IMG_7207.jpg
wacky races
 photo IMG_7212.jpg

 photo IMG_7222.jpg

 photo IMG_7232.jpg

 photo IMG_7242.jpg
snails resting before their race :)
 photo IMG_7250.jpg
chili eating challenge
 photo IMG_7253.jpg

 photo IMG_7264.jpg

 photo IMG_7277.jpg
Steampunk morris dancing
 photo IMG_7278.jpg

 photo IMG_7280.jpg

 photo IMG_7305.jpg

 photo IMG_7313.jpg

 photo IMG_7319.jpg
Burlesque life drawing, got in too late to get paper but she was stunning
 photo IMG_7332.jpg

 photo IMG_7336.jpg

 photo IMG_7337.jpg

 photo IMG_7342.jpg

 photo IMG_7345.jpg
so we did jenga instead :)
 photo IMG_7355.jpg

 photo IMG_7359.jpg
and then simon hat ended up with all the jenga blocks
 photo IMG_7364.jpg

 photo IMG_7370.jpg
bands in the evening...we weer sadly very tired and wanted to catch a bit of our house guests before they set off back to france in morning so left around 9ish...
 photo IMG_7380.jpg
 photo IMG_7386.jpg

[User Picture]From: ghost_ofa_rose
2014-03-04 08:02 pm (UTC)
You both look (once again) smashing! The event looks like fun. The pictures of Simon in the ostritch race definitely made me smile :D.
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[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2014-03-05 09:06 am (UTC)
it was surreal when i saw him coming running past as i didn't realise it was blown up ostrich suit for the race. it is a fun laid back event why so charming
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