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TokyoThursday: Skytree, Senso-ji Shrine and Ghibli museum - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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TokyoThursday: Skytree, Senso-ji Shrine and Ghibli museum [Feb. 26th, 2014|06:30 pm]
Thursday 13 Feb:Skytree, Senso-ji Shrine and Ghibli museum

Up the very high skytree tower, too cloudy to see mount Fuji and they had a cool section with clear floor, a bit like the Portsmouth one but a lot higher.

local cat
 photo IMG_6649.jpg

 photo IMG_6650.jpg

 photo IMG_6655.jpg

 photo IMG_6658.jpg

 photo IMG_6660.jpg

 photo IMG_6665.jpg

 photo IMG_6666.jpg

 photo IMG_6670.jpg

 photo IMG_6671.jpg

 photo IMG_6672.jpg

 photo IMG_6675.jpg

 photo IMG_6676.jpg

 photo IMG_6677.jpg

Afterward we visited the red-painted Senso-Ji Temple , pretty and colourful with the best cleansing pool where the water came out of a brood of dragons’ mouths .

 photo IMG_6679.jpg

 photo IMG_6681.jpg

 photo IMG_6683.jpg

 photo IMG_6684.jpg

 photo IMG_6685.jpg

 photo IMG_6686.jpg

 photo IMG_6689.jpg

 photo IMG_6692.jpg

 photo IMG_6694.jpg

 photo IMG_6697.jpg

 photo IMG_6698.jpg

 photo IMG_6699.jpg

 photo IMG_6702.jpg

 photo IMG_6703.jpg

 photo IMG_6707.jpg

 photo IMG_6716.jpg

great view of skytree and funny sculpture

 photo IMG_6720.jpg

Then the most awaited Ghibli Museum (borrowing some simon words on it )sadly no piccies inside:
The museum is what happens when director Hayao Miyazaki throws his love and talent into architecture rather than cinema. It is just a beautiful building. Perhaps a bit empty for a museum but every window is a stained-glass homage to his films and every hallway and tower and buttress looks like a feature in hobbit’s home designed by Antoni Gaudi. Inside there are rooms set up like Miyazaki’s old house (with books and illustrations and models cluttering every corner), rooms with wonderful antique-style booths exploring the tricks of light that create animation and a cinema that shows a film that is shown nowhere else in the world. There are (I think) three fifteen-minute films that the museum shows on different days and the one that we saw was a gentle and funny tale about training Sumo mice.

 photo IMG_6723.jpg

 photo IMG_6724.jpg

 photo IMG_6725.jpg

 photo IMG_6726.jpg

 photo IMG_6728.jpg

 photo IMG_6730.jpg

 photo IMG_6732.jpg

 photo IMG_6736.jpg

 photo IMG_6738.jpg

 photo IMG_6739.jpg

 photo IMG_6743.jpg
 random robots in street
 photo IMG_6746.jpg

funny thing about japan, not allowed to smoke in the street but you can in resto and clubs???

 photo IMG_6748.jpg

[User Picture]From: hotfoot_jackson
2014-02-27 11:15 am (UTC)
Ghibli Museum!!! Oooh, I haz an envious! I so want to visit there, one day (and would love to see the "Mai and the Kittenbus" short).

You lucky, lucky person you. And happy birthday too.
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[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2014-02-27 11:37 am (UTC)
we so wanted to play in the cat bus in the museum sadly just for kids :(
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