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Tokyo Tuesday: Harajuku, Sumo and clubbing - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Tokyo Tuesday: Harajuku, Sumo and clubbing [Feb. 21st, 2014|06:01 pm]
Tuesday 11 february

Back to Harajuku (loved it there so much), like being in pink Goth world meet Alice in wonderland, each time you enter a shop you discover another 5 floors of more, real labyrinths. Floor after floor of Lolita heaven but all damn too small

what happen when you do photobooth there instant manga eyes :)

 photo 1888570_10152335893905984_2117989730_n.jpg

 photo IMG_6283.jpg

 photo IMG_6284.jpg
cool message in photobooth
 photo IMG_6286.jpg

 photo IMG_6289.jpg

 photo IMG_6290.jpg

 photo IMG_6291.jpg

 photo IMG_6292.jpg

 photo IMG_6294.jpg

 photo IMG_6295.jpg

 photo IMG_6296.jpg

 photo IMG_6297.jpg

 photo IMG_6299.jpg

 photo IMG_6301.jpg

 photo IMG_6302.jpg

 photo IMG_6303.jpg

 photo IMG_6304.jpg

 photo IMG_6305.jpg

 photo IMG_6306.jpg

 photo IMG_6308.jpg

 photo IMG_6309.jpg

 photo IMG_6310.jpg

 photo IMG_6312.jpg

 After shopping we rushed back to the hotel to go to a Sumo Hall to see some Sumo wrestling.  This wasn’t quite as successful as it was a special events and as a result more sumo being interviewed and dueting  cheesy songs on a big white and pink stage! Great for fans dull for us unable to understand, finally after a few hours we got to see some action. Not really my thing as all very slow to start with all the ceremonies and over in a second. I guess I am just not a sport watcher of any kind. http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2080.html

 photo IMG_6314.jpg

 photo IMG_6316.jpg

 photo IMG_6318.jpg

 photo IMG_6320.jpg

 photo IMG_6324.jpg

 photo IMG_6329.jpg

 photo IMG_6330.jpg

 photo IMG_6336.jpg

 photo IMG_6339.jpg

 photo IMG_6342.jpg

 photo IMG_6347.jpg

 photo IMG_6349.jpg

 photo IMG_6358.jpg

 photo IMG_6364.jpg

We escaped before the end to rush back to hotel, super fast change and find our way to Heavy Pop club, we knew we were on right track when we were given direction by a goth Lolita rabbit (which I had taken a photos as she looked amazing)
Heavy Pop was a wonderful weird mix of music and fashion, where Goths wear a lot of pink and colours,  looks like cute animals and Lolita’s. It’s like being in a manga version of a Western nightclub. Everyone on dance floor faces the dj and a few do choreographies. At one stage everyone stopped dancing to gather everyone together to take a team photograph of all the club-goers.  One other weird fact about Tokyo you cannot smoke in the street but you can in clubs.
 photo IMG_6370.jpg

 photo IMG_6372.jpg

 photo IMG_6380.jpg

 photo IMG_6383.jpg

 photo IMG_6389.jpg

 photo IMG_6393.jpg

 photo IMG_6395.jpg

 photo IMG_6401.jpg

 photo IMG_6403.jpg

 photo IMG_6418.jpg

 photo IMG_6420.jpg

 photo IMG_6422.jpg

 photo IMG_6428.jpg

 photo IMG_6434.jpg

 photo IMG_6436.jpg
 photo IMG_6439.jpg

 photo IMG_6441.jpg

 photo IMG_6444.jpg

 photo IMG_6448.jpg

 photo IMG_6450.jpg

 photo IMG_6451.jpg

 photo IMG_6452.jpg

 photo IMG_6454.jpg

 photo IMG_6455.jpg

 photo IMG_6459.jpg

 photo IMG_6460.jpg

 photo IMG_6463.jpg

 photo IMG_6465.jpg

 photo IMG_6470.jpg

group shot

 photo 1901694_10201568457555497_1168229021_n.jpg


[User Picture]From: ghost_ofa_rose
2014-02-23 09:00 pm (UTC)
Tokyo definitely is a different world then we're used to here.
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