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Trolls in the snow - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Trolls in the snow [Jan. 3rd, 2014|12:31 pm]
Thursday 26 December

We made it to Chantemerle station for 12ish, rented skis and as we were about to buy the 3 hours pass we got told that both lifts to go up were closing. Apparently a storm was coming but later found out they have been having electricity issues mostly. Also got told other near by stations were to close (still not sure true or not). Very annoying as i had to return my rentals and we had nothing to do until chloe got into briancon that evening as she had the keys to the flat. There was complete lack of information between info centres and stations was terrible but at least we got to see some very cool trolls doing some street animation , straight out of Labyrinth.

 photo IMG_5830.jpg

boo other skiing but not us
 photo IMG_5847.jpg

Afterward we joined chloe and set up in the flat...traveling light as always, 10 of us in a small 1 bed flat was amusing

 photo IMG_5850.jpg

 photo IMG_5809.jpg

 photo IMG_5811.jpg

 photo IMG_5812.jpg

 photo IMG_5814.jpg

 photo IMG_5815.jpg

 photo IMG_5816.jpg

 photo IMG_5818.jpg

 photo IMG_5822.jpg

 photo IMG_5826.jpg

 photo IMG_5832.jpg

 photo IMG_5833.jpg

 photo IMG_5836.jpg

 photo IMG_5841.jpg

 photo IMG_5843.jpg

 photo IMG_5845.jpg

 photo IMG_5848.jpg