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"Hivernales de Terra" exhibition. - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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"Hivernales de Terra" exhibition. [Jan. 2nd, 2014|06:00 pm]
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Saturday 21 December 2013
That night was the opening of "Hivernales de Terra" and my sister was one of exhibitors, less her paintings this time ( they are being exhibited in another exhibition in St Etienne atm) but lots if new lamps she made as well as paintings on linen. Unfortunately my camera flash seemed to have died so so couldn't take very good photos. Son blog for better photos or if you fancy shopping a bit http://isabelledubuis.canalblog.com/
Loving her new lamps and winged cow, another members of the dubuis family doing funny things to poor dolls :)
Exhibition on until the 5th january http://www.herault-tourisme.com/evenements/LES-HIVERNALES-DE-TERRA/LUNEL/fiche-FMALAR034V50FDR6-1.html

 photo IMG_5619.jpg
 photo IMG_5623.jpg
 photo IMG_5625.jpg
 photo IMG_5626.jpg
 photo IMG_5628.jpg
 photo IMG_5631.jpg
 photo IMG_5636.jpg
 photo IMG_5642.jpg
 photo IMG_5643.jpg

There was also some very cool mystical beasts made from recycled bottles: unicorn, dragon, mermaid..

 photo IMG_5622.jpg
 photo IMG_5647.jpg
 photo IMG_5648.jpg
 photo IMG_5655.jpg
 photo IMG_5656.jpg

Article about it in  Midi Libre with one of isabelle goat influenced by one of my hat creation