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In France despite wild boar attempt - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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In France despite wild boar attempt [Dec. 24th, 2013|05:44 pm]
Made it to France despite some delay due to the TGV before us having had a chock, we later got told the chock was indeed hitting a wild boar.

Plans to g to switzerland and see xiger museum sadly canceled as my sister exhibition now moved by few days and  i will be on my train back, plan B was skiing but too warm and no snow at all atm where we have some place to stay...

Cannot post photos yet as cannot work out how to resize on my mum computer (but all on fb) struggling enough using the funny french keyboard.

Last few days went to montpellier for my sistr exhibiion opening, saw  niece sing for  gala and catch up with friends. Better get off and finish ready before evryone arrives to celebrate

Merry Xmas