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St Albans Cathedral and Xmas market - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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St Albans Cathedral and Xmas market [Dec. 17th, 2013|12:40 pm]
Sunday 15 December

On the way back to London we popped by B&Q and Homebase to refill in paint and get some flooring to eventually finish the hallway.
We then joint a few friends in St Albans, had a wander around Xmas market, visited the cathedral and ended up in another "oldest pub in Britain", really lovely it was with low Tudor beams and cracking fire. A lovely excuse to see everyone before xmas .

 photo 1525014_10151756738841548_18434982_n.jpg


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 photo IMG_5571.jpg

 photo 996692_10151756748421548_1116469389_n.jpg
 photo 1470127_10151756748061548_39169587_n.jpg

 photo 994073_10151756748606548_866705507_n.jpg

xmas market
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 photo 1521966_10151756559476548_1167592456_n.jpg