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Natural Hist Museum, Science Museum and more - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Natural Hist Museum, Science Museum and more [Dec. 9th, 2013|06:18 pm]
Sunday 1 December
That day Simon Joined us and we went to do the museums, first the Natural History Museum , which dinosaurs seem to be a big hit (shame the earthquake bit was closed)
Followed by Science Museum, mostly to visit the Launchpad section which kept the children amused for ages…..
We then popped to Hyde Park mostly to find squirrel (Lisa and Maeva  best London souvenir I imagine) and decided might as well popped to Winter  Wonderland…unfortunately due to huge queues we couldn’t. Instead went for some xmas windows looking and Primark shopping.  In the evening we all return to Wood Green so they see the new house and have dinner before giving everyone a drive back to their hotel ( and 2 very sleepy little girls)

 photo IMG_5347.jpg

 photo IMG_5294.jpg

 photo IMG_5297.jpg

 photo IMG_5298.jpg

 photo IMG_5300.jpg

 photo IMG_5303.jpg

 photo IMG_5305.jpg

 photo IMG_5309.jpg

 photo IMG_5310.jpg

 photo IMG_5313.jpg

 photo IMG_5318.jpg

 photo IMG_5319.jpg

 photo IMG_5320.jpg

 photo IMG_5321.jpg

 photo IMG_5326.jpg

 photo IMG_5329.jpg

 photo IMG_5330.jpg

 photo IMG_5332.jpg

 photo IMG_5333.jpg

 photo IMG_5334.jpg

 photo IMG_5335.jpg

 photo IMG_5336.jpg

 photo IMG_5337.jpg

 photo IMG_5338.jpg

Science Museum
 photo IMG_5339.jpg

 photo IMG_5340.jpg

 photo IMG_5343.jpg

 photo IMG_5346.jpg

 photo IMG_5350.jpg

 photo IMG_5352.jpg

 photo IMG_5354.jpg

Windows Oxford Street

 photo IMG_5360.jpg

 photo IMG_5361.jpg

 photo IMG_5362.jpg

 photo IMG_5363.jpg

 photo IMG_5365.jpg


 photo IMG_5366.jpg

 photo 1476640_10151731631851548_2134787951_n.jpg