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Lizzie Siddal [Nov. 25th, 2013|09:25 am]
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Friday 22 November

If you get a chance i would highly recommend to catch the production of Lizzie Siddal currently on at the Arcola theatre.
It is a wonderful adaptation of her life, full of those wonderful characters from the brotherhood and so well played. An evening with Millais, Rossetti, Hunt, Ruskin...is always a pleasure and very nice to see all around the main character Lizzie and her fascinating but tragic life .

I was lucky that Madeliene had a spare free ticket  (my plan was to try to get one on sunday on the pay as you want night) but now seeing Grayson Perry that night so all worked perfectly.
It was also the press night so got given free drinks and cheeses too and most fabulous  i got to stare at Anthony Head throughout (as he sat directly opposite us)
Also in attendance was  a friend and ex colleague Dinah (who has also done an interview of the play writer in her blog http://www.dinahroe.com/blog/elizabeth_siddal_comes_back_to_life).
I do really like that theatre, i saw clockwork orange in there, such a great space and very nice cafe...Dalston has changed so much since i left...