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Inkkies & Rock the Children - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Inkkies & Rock the Children [Nov. 13th, 2013|12:10 pm]
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Friday 8 November

Posting a bit out of synch but been so busy between a fab weekend of inkkies and pretty painting at home every free nights we have...not managed to yet sort the day of the dead piccies ....but did at least managed to sort this weekend...

What a great Friday, Facebar is a lovely venue in Reading, got to see Spriggan Mist, Ded orse and a fab gig from Inkubus Sukkubus. Sadly not duet as faces of Sarah van broke down and they didn’t make it, but on a positive extra inkkies songs.
I might have to return to this club to go dancing as the post gig music was just AMAZING…lots of goth and operatic metal to dance to…great night and big thanks to Alan for the lift back to London.

 photo IMG_5136.jpg

 photo IMG_5052.jpg

 photo IMG_5057.jpg

 photo IMG_5061.jpg

 photo IMG_5064.jpg

 photo IMG_5065.jpg

 photo IMG_5066.jpg

 photo IMG_5067.jpg

 photo IMG_5074.jpg

 photo IMG_5078.jpg

 photo IMG_5082.jpg

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 photo IMG_5098.jpg

 photo IMG_5109.jpg

 photo IMG_5122.jpg

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 photo IMG_5127.jpg