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Post Halloween [Nov. 7th, 2013|12:50 pm]
This Halloween has been pretty fantastic...a witchy B&B, faeries and goblins parties in Glastonbury, being at Simon Drake House of Magic on Halloween night itself, followed by Zombie pirates at Antichrist and being a witchy kitty cat at saturday party....can we do it all over again please ...

Since then it has been a lot more domesticated with paintbrush...Sunday sorting and organising one of the cupboard...all neat and labelled and all the tools are finally put of the way...and the last 3 nights have been
spent painting all the corridors wooden panels and stairs banister, quite a transformation from white to black . Hopefully will refill in paints and continue on Sunday as the next few nights swapping paint brushes for museums, gigs and on Saturday Simon marching at the Lord Mayor show.

One of the cat also decided to help and add little black paw prints everywhere