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Avalon Fairy Ball - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Avalon Fairy Ball [Nov. 4th, 2013|05:23 pm]

Saturday 26 October

Samhain Faery Ball, just pure fantastic evening filled with lovely friends, music and laughter's. Wonderful show with Ghoulia creations and Zarah clothes. Rapalje and Dolmen kept everyone dancing and well we had flaming bagpipes…I was well behave and only had a few mead until Nivine tempted us with absinth shots…ouch…

 photo IMG_4287.jpg

 photo IMG_4288.jpg

 photo IMG_4289.jpg

 photo IMG_4291.jpg

 photo IMG_4292.jpg

 photo IMG_4293.jpg

 photo IMG_4294.jpg
playing with all the halloween props in our B&B lobby

 photo IMG_4298.jpg

 photo IMG_4299.jpg

 photo IMG_4301.jpg

 photo IMG_4302.jpg

 photo IMG_4303.jpg

at the ball

 photo IMG_4307.jpg

 photo IMG_4308.jpg

 photo IMG_4310.jpg

 photo IMG_4311.jpg

 photo IMG_4312.jpg

 photo IMG_4313.jpg

 photo IMG_4314.jpg

 photo IMG_4315.jpg

 photo IMG_4317.jpg

 photo IMG_4318.jpg

 photo IMG_4319.jpg

 photo IMG_4321.jpg

 photo IMG_4322.jpg

 photo IMG_4324.jpg

 photo IMG_4325.jpg

 photo IMG_4334.jpg

 photo IMG_4348.jpg

 photo IMG_4349.jpg

 photo IMG_4351.jpg

 photo IMG_4353.jpg

 photo IMG_4359.jpg

 photo IMG_4367.jpg

 photo IMG_4380.jpg

 photo IMG_4384.jpg

 photo IMG_4391.jpg

 photo IMG_4393.jpg

 photo IMG_4394.jpg

 photo IMG_4395.jpg

 photo IMG_4399.jpg

 photo IMG_4403.jpg

 photo IMG_4405.jpg

 photo IMG_4407.jpg

 photo IMG_4409.jpg

 photo IMG_4410.jpg

 photo IMG_4411.jpg

 photo IMG_4413.jpg

 photo IMG_4414.jpg

 photo IMG_4420.jpg

 photo IMG_4424.jpg

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 photo IMG_4431.jpg

 photo IMG_4433.jpg

 photo IMG_4434.jpg

 photo IMG_4438.jpg

 photo IMG_4439.jpg

 photo IMG_4440.jpg

 photo IMG_4441.jpg

 photo IMG_4446.jpg

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 photo IMG_4455.jpg

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 photo IMG_4463.jpg

 photo IMG_4464.jpg

 photo IMG_4468.jpg

 photo IMG_4471.jpg